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Yokohama station

Thrash Zone - Brewpub: Yokohama Sta.
[Open noon-11:30pm daily.]
Extreme beers are the speciaty at this cozy little beer bar - heavy on the hops, and generally higher in alcohol content than your average mainstream lager. Many of the beers are made by Thrash Zone itself, with names like "Speed Kills IPA" (7.8%...
Antenna America - Liquor shop: Yokohama Sta.
[Open 11am-10:40pm (LO) daily.]
Located inside the Isetan food court in Yokohama Station's Joinus department store, this combination bottle shop and bar offers an impressive selection of US craft beers by the bottle or can, to drink here or take home. They also have ten taps of...


Bashamichi, Kannai, Nihon-Odori, Motomachi

Antenna America - Beer bar: Yokohama Kannai
[Open 3-11pm daily.]
An ever-changing selection of American craft beers - all from top-class breweries like Southern Tier, Coronado and Anderson Valley - is on tap at this tasting room run by beer importing company Nagano Trading. They also carry more than a hundred...
Bashamichi Taproom - American: Yokohama Bashamichi
[Open 5pm-midnight daily.]
Drinks include more than twenty craft beers on tap - mostly from Baird Brewery in Numazu, but with a couple of guest taps dispensing well-chosen American microbrews.
Bills - Australian: Yokohama Nihon-Odori
[Open 9am-10pm (LO) daily.]
This Australian import is known for their gourmet breakfasts and good international cafe fare. Dogs are allowed out on the terrace.
Scandia Garden - Danish: Yokohama Nihon-Odori
[Open 11am-11pm (LO) daily.]
With a history dating back to the 1960s, Scandia Garden is a casual Danish cafe occupying an ancient-looking ground-floor dining room in front of Osanbashi Pier, with a more formal and much more expensive restaurant upstairs. The downstairs menu...
Buy Me Stand - Sandwiches/ deli: Yokohama Motomachi
[Open 8am-10pm daily.]
Classic American diner-style grilled-cheese sandwiches are the specialty here, along with BLTs, hearty soups, gourmet coffee, and various breakfast dishes in the morning. We enjoyed a well-executed ham and cheddar grilled-cheese - the cheddar was...

Yokohama elsewhere

Kawasaki Station

Katsukura - Tonkatsu: Kawasaki
[Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.]
Besides the usual tonkatsu, Katsukura offers variations like deep-fried shrimp and scallops, yuba (tofu skin) croquettes), and nice side dishes like chawanmushi, tofu salad and kakuni stewed pork. The original shop is in Kyoto. Budget around Y1600...
Rikyu - Yoshoku: Kawasaki
[Open 11am-10pm daily.]
This Sendai-based chain serves good charcoal-grilled beef tongue, including budget-friendly teishoku meals. You'll also find beef-tongue curries, stews, sausages and other yoshoku-style dishes, along with regional sake from Miyagi Prefecture.
Platinum Fish - Beer bar: Kawasaki
[Open 10am-10pm daily.]
The twelve taps at this compact train-station bar dispense beers from Japanese craft breweries like Aqla, Isekadoya and the very local TK Brewing, located just a ten-minute walk from here. (You might have to ask about the TK beer - when we visited...
Piyo - Curry: Kawasaki
[Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.]
This unpretentious little basement shop has been serving classic Japanese curries since 1993. The "special curry" (Y750) is a meaty combination of a stew-like beef curry in a rich, European-style roux topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet. Another...
Schmatz - German: Kawasaki
[Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.]
This popular German beer-bar chain offers eight German-style beers on tap (including five of Schmatz's original brews), all priced at Y650 per glass. The extensive food menu offers pizzas, pastas and risotti, a tempting range of sausages (lamb,...

Kawasaki City

Mukogaoka Yuen, Kawasaki