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Skytree (Oshiage)

Be a Good Neighbor Coffee Kiosk - Coffee shop: Oshiage
[Open 10am-9pm daily.]
You can enjoy excellent espresso and drip coffee at this Skytree branch of the Harajuku-based coffee shop "Be A Good Neighbor." In the wintertime, the drinks menu expands to include hot cocoa, hot lemonade and flavored teas, with pastries to go...
Rikyu - Yoshoku: Oshiage
[Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.]
Good charcoal-grilled beef tongue from this Sendai-based chain. You'll also find beef-tongue curries, stews, sausages and other yoshoku-style dishes, along with regional sake from Miyagi Prefecture.
Toriton - Sushi: Oshiage
[Open 11am-11pm daily.]
Fresh fish and good cost performance at this Hokkaido-based conveyor-belt sushi spot. The lines may be long but they move quickly.
Rokurinsha - Ramen: Oshiage
[Open 10:30am-11pm daily.]
This very popular shop is known for their tsukemen, served with a thick, richly flavored dipping sauce made with pork, seafood and vegetables. Prepare to wait on line during busy times.
World Beer Museum - Beer bar: Oshiage
[Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.]
Rather than trying to represent the entire world, the "World Beer Museum" narrows its focus to brews from five beer-producing countries - Belgium, Germany, the UK, Czech Republic and the US - along with a "world food" menu of representative dishes...


Hosokawa - Soba: Ryogoku
[Open 11:45am-3, 5-8:45pm. Closed Mon, 3rd Tue.]
First-rate noodles in a tastefully austere modern setting, with a tiny garden visible just out the front window. The soba is quite a bit firmer and chewier than average, with a thick and milky, almost soup-like sobayu (the water the noodles have...


Nikusoba Keisuke - Ramen: Koto-ku
[Open 11am-11:30pm daily.]
Keisuke is best known for their excellent, potently strong shoyu-style ramen.


Blue Bottle Coffee - Coffee shop: Kiyosumi-Shirakawa
[Open 8am-7pm daily.]
The first Tokyo outlet of the famous Oakland, California-based coffee shop, this spacious branch includes both a cafe area and roastery. A cup of blend coffee is Y450, while single-origin coffees start at Y550.
Allpress Espresso - Coffee shop: Kiyosumi-Shirakawa
[Open 8am-5pm (Sat, Sun 9-6) daily.]
Occupying a beautifully restored timber warehouse, this combination roastery and cafe is a convivial and very hip spot to relax in for a serious cup of coffee or a mid-afternoon snack. The food is unexpectedly good, with nice grilled-cheese...
Cream of the Crop Coffee - Coffee shop: Kiyosumi-Shirakawa
[Open 10am-6pm. Closed Mondays.]
Located a few minutes away from the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOT), this out-of-the-way roastery sells beans to go and serves drip coffee (from Y420) in one corner of their big warehouse space. They also have a more centrally located branch in...


Village Vanguard Diner - Burgers: Toyosu
[Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.]
An offshoot of the Village Vanguard novelty-gift chain, VV Diner has spawned a growing chain of its own, offering a reliable menu of reasonably priced gourmet burgers in comfortable settings. This particular branch, a few minutes from the...
Belg Aube - Belgian rest/beer bar: Toyosu
[Open 11am-2:30, 3-10pm (LO) daily.]
An indoor/outdoor cafe with a nice choice of Belgian beers and enticing food like Iberico ham, duck confit, and of course mussels. In the afternoons they serve chocolate fondue and waffles.
Les Deux Bleue - Cafe: Toyosu
[Open 11am-11pm daily.]
Bring your canine companion and choose from a large doggy menu, including cheese pizza, chicken-breast jerky, tofu burgers and cake. For after-dinner exercise there's a big, fenced-in dog run right outside the cafe.