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Tokyo clubs

Clubasia - Club: Shibuya
[Open 5pm-5am daily.]
A spacious, long-running club with an incredible sound system. There are separate lounge areas upstairs and down.
Harlem - Club: Shibuya
A popular hip-hop and R&B club in the heart of Shibuya's club zone. Hours vary.
Liquidroom - Club: Ebisu
Mostly a concert venue, Liquid Room also hosts some club events. The Time Out Cafe on the second floor regularly hosts DJ events of its own.
Room, The - Club: Shibuya
A smallish dance floor with a decent sound system, and a separate bar area that's somewhat quieter. The music covers all genres.
Unit - Club: Daikanyama
This huge club hosts some famous visiting musicians and DJs; there's also a smaller venue called Saloon on the lowest floor.
Womb - Club: Shibuya
Popular international and local DJs and an excellent sound system.