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AAHA Vet Clinics, Wellness Exams, Have Your Pets Seen the Vet?

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited vet clinics were introduced here in January for the excellence in vet care provided. SteveAAHA vet clinics Dale, broadcaster, Certified Animal Behaviorist, award-winning author, and syndicated columnist for Tribune media has visited many of these great facilities over the past year, giving us an inside look at the kind of new technology AAHA vet clinics must have, public health standards, and what it means to practice the highest quality of medicine across all clinic departments.

Wellness exams are important to the future of your pet’s health. Catching something early usually leads to less expensive and better outcomes, just as in human medicine. Another interesting feature of AAHA vet clinics, there is an opportunity in emergency situations for the vet to apply for a grant when the client cannot pay. It is not a sure thing, but is good to know. Continue reading

Only Your Pet Doctor Knows Best

A pet doctor is your pet’s best bet for a healthy, pain-free life. Pet behavior expert Steve Dale is alarmed at the drop in visits our pets are making to their veterinarian.  While there are so many products that were once available only through veterinarians, and are now available in retail stores and online, there is no replacing the expert advice and hands on approach you get through regular exams from your veterinarian. Continue reading