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Doodie Pack – Lightweight BackPack for Dogs

Doodie Pack wants you to unhand that doodie bag! How many times have you been walking your dog, you run into adoodie pack neighbor or someone you know and there’s that awkward moment. You’ve got the leash in one hand and the bag in the other – well, not everyone wants to shake that hand or high five you now anyway.

Doodie Pack was created by Kristin Elliot to carry poop bags after she witnessed a mom’s juggling act,  hanging onto the dog’s leash, holding the baby in the other arm, with the waste bag in the hand holding the baby. That was the spark that started it all.

This lightweight backpack is a little made in the USA gem, with a compact saddlebag design that fits dogs from 8 to 180 lbs. Available in many colors, the nylon pack has a separate mesh compartment that holds your cell, has a clip for your keys and room for a few treats for those long walks.

Take a look at the video interview I had with Carol Bryant, Writer, PR and Social Media Consultant to the Pet Industry. You’ll get a great idea of how this fits dogs of many sizes, see the colors available, and also where using a harness works comfortably with the Doodie Pack. Many rescues and adoption centers have their names and “Adopt” monogrammed on each pack – great for fundraisers and, shh, up-selling at point of adoption;)  The company gives back 5% to rescues – what’s not to like?