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Street Dogs of Puerto Rico – What’s Changing?

Street dogs are a growing population worldwide. In Puerto Rico  there are an estimatedstreet dogs 200,000 strays in a country the size of Connecticut. Some people wonder why would anyone bring these street dogs here when we already kill millions of homeless dog every year. That might seem a reasonable question when you first hear about this work, but if that thought crossed your mind, I think that will change when you listen to this interview.

Debbie Jacobs, a well-reputed certified dog trainer, author, explorer and speaker, discusses her fifteen-years-and-counting experience working to rescue street dogs (“Satos”) in Puerto Rico on Vieques Island. You can imagine, given the numbers, what walking around San Juan must be like: Dogs milling around the street, seemingly helter-skelter at first, until you recognize a pattern of purposeful travel, down one street, up another, parking themselves on a corner of a cafe to watch as lunch is being served, jockeying to be noticed, aiming to please, without getting too close until offerings are made by tourists. Street dogs must be smart, quick and congenial to stay alive.

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