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Tick Prevention – And a Map!

Tick prevention is really important, for both you and your dog. Did you know that one tick is a carrier for five zoonotic diseases, one of which wastick prevention only recently documented in humans? Not every bite infects your dog, so we’re dealing with a game of chance. Don’t take one! You might be interested to know the extent of illnesses you can get from ticks according to the CDC — mentioned it so you won’t forget =) Continue reading

Pet Rescue Stories, “Love At First Bark”

Adoption and the pet rescue stories that become a history are so appealing — adopting in itself is such an excitingpet rescue stories event, thinking about different traits and characteristics, looking through photos on the web, getting to know who might fit with your life, or maybe you already know. When you find who “speaks” to you, everything changes and you bring home the new love in your life.

That search and find mission turns into a story often told to friends, other pet owners you meet at parties or even out on the street. Ask me, I’ve told my pet rescue tales at the check-out line of the grocery store! I never tire of hearing someone’s voice Continue reading