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Are All Dogs “Good Dog” Candidates?

They are if they have “Good Dog! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions” author and certified animal behaviorist Steve Dale in their corner! What questions wouldGood Dog you ask Steve if you had a chance? Does your dog jump on everyone who comes to the door? Does he terrorize your boyfriend or destroy something every time you leave the house? Steve’s new e-book, “Good Dog”, is a treasure trove of answers to these and so many other questions. You may find your dog’s puzzling behavior is not, after all, uncommon, and can be readily adjusted. Admittedly, Steve can’t do much for a terrorized boyfriend, but he can help the dog.

Steve’s books are always an easy read and one of his important messages is focus on the positive, hence “Good Dog.” Your best friend probably shouldn’t think his name is “no.” The behaviors your dog has developed really have nothing to do with wanting to upset Continue reading