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A Traveling Dog Noses Around Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

Chula Wula D’Augue, Sheltie by birth and Frenchie by choice, is one of those happy traveling dogs. On three occasions, she has trotted the globe with us from California to Paris, an 11-hour trip followed by a 3-hour train ride. Still, she arrives at our home in Saint-Rémy-de Provence with a smile on her face and ready for adventure.

While the possibilities for adventure in Provence are endless, Chula, Bob, and I think some of the most special days are those we spend right in our village.

The Wednesday Market

In Provence, a bustling market happens in a different village each day of the week. Wednesday is Saint-Rémy’s turn, and Chula wouldn’t miss a visit even for a chance to chase a cat out of her backyard. Continue reading

Pet Travel – Easier When You Plan Ahead

Pet behavior expert Steve Dale offers some great pet travel advice as we head now into the holiday travel season, it’s a good time to refresh our memories on the basics when it comes to being prepared for all of the ins and outs of safe travel for pets. In this video Steve goes over what you need to do to book a pet friendly hotel, what toys you should bring along, as well as whatever else you need to keep your pet comfortable and happy.

Steve also gets expert advice from Dr. Natalie Marks of Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago on how to handle a dog who may suffer from car sickness, which can put a serious dent in your plans.  When you travel with pet approved tips like these, everyone in your family will arrive happy.

Fall Travel with Pets!

Fall travel with pets is so much more fun that going it alone, sun shining on colorful leaves, crunching and flying as your dog goes fortravel with pets that long toss of the ball. There’s something about warm sun and cool temperatures that just beg for an outing, maybe a last picnic of the year with your best furry friend, and the un-furry kind too!

Carol Bryant of Fidose of Reality stopped by with some interesting news about places she’s been with her dog and even has a surprising recommendation for those who can’t get to the Northeast.

You might want to think about taking your Fall trip to see foliage earlier rather than later in October given the extreme weather we’ve had this year. Check your sources, whether its online or  your Uncle Buck who lives where you want to go, and remember there are so many more places that are now pet friendly, you don’t need to leave your dog(s) at home! Enjoy your Fall travel with pets!

Pet Travel – And Now for Something Completely Different!

Pet travel on Animal Cafe is usually about some new, fun, interesting people in the industry or a wonderful place that Edie Jarolim has found for us to visit with our dogs.  This week, I’m interviewing Edie about the new things happening in her world, and a new project she has taken on.  If you’re a blogger or you read the blog Will My Dog Hate Me, you probably already know what I’m talking about, but if not the interview has to do with Vienna, her uncle’s pre-war butcher shop there, and Freud. We’ve had many great stories from Edie, and this is one more.

I can say no more, so listen to the podcast for the scoop!

Travelin’ Jack: Pet Travel Ambassador, Politico, Dog Vivant

Relaxing, or shmoozing a constituent?

Let’s face it.  Most of us secretly believe that our dogs are the handsomest, smartest, sweetest, friendliest — or some superlative quality — pups in the world. But not many of us have the ability to make the rest of the world recognize that fact.

Jill Lane has that ability, excelling in the role of manager, agent, and stage mom. And of course she had a bit of help from her client.

Travelin’ Jack, the early days

Jill first encountered Jack, an Olde English Bulldogge — which is not he same as a regular English bulldog, as Jill explains in the interview — in a shelter in Colorado. He was only supposed to be a traveling companion to Jill, a writer and New Mexico travel industry expert. But things didn’t quite turn out that way. Continue reading

FIDO Friendly Celebrates 50 Issues of Tracking Pet Trends

Fido Friendly's Carol Bryant with her research director

FIDO Friendly magazine has been covering canine lifestyle issues for more than a decade. Do dogs really have a “lifestyle,” much less issues related to it, you might be asking?  Consider that 58 percent of dog owners surveyed this past April said they planned to travel with their pets this summer, and nearly a third of them shelled out more than $1000 annually on products related to taking Fido on the road. The answer, clearly, is a resounding “Yes.”

Carol Bryant, the social media and PR director of both the magazine and its associated website and blog, FIDO Friendly.com, has been traveling with her dogs for some 16 years. She’s ideally positioned to discuss the latest developments in the pet travel segment.

FIDO Friendly’s Canine Research Director

Behind every successful pet travel writer there’s a good dog. In Carol’s case it’s Dexter, the Cocker Spaniel she calls “the heartbeat at my feet.” Carol didn’t think she could bear to feel deeply for another dog after her companion of 15 years passed away, but Dexter proved her wrong.

Thank Dog.

Last year, Dexter and Carol went cross country together on a three-week research trip, sniffing out great places for the canine travel inclined to stay and play. “I tried to think of things from Dexter’s perspective,” Carol says. “What would be Disneyland for him?”

So What Makes a Place FIDO Friendly?

Carol expects places that are genuinely pet friendly to treat Dexter like a member of the family rather than just tolerating him. She makes a distinction between what she terms “dog accepting” and “dog welcoming.”

A couple of examples:

  • Providing a room at the corner of the hall: Dog accepting
  • Asking if you’re interested in a massage when you check in and discovering they mean for your dog, not for you: Dog welcoming.

Useful features such as pet sitting services and areas set aside to take Fido to the bathroom are important too. And these features can’t be faked, as friendliness can be, even if the property is aware that Carol is a member of the media. Lucky thing. Carol often tries to go incognito, but says it’s tough to be undercover when she’s with Dexter, who has such a sparkling personality that he carries an aura of celebrity.

FIDO Friendly’s 50th: The Golden Anniversary

Celebrating its 50th issue, FIDO Friendly still has the youthful attitude of a puppy, Carol says, continuing to look with fresh eyes at a variety of dog-related subjects in addition to travel. Other topics that fall under Fido Friendly’s aegis include health and wellness, new products, training, and trends in all areas.

Another sign of the keeping up with the times: The website, including the blog to which Carol is a key contributor, continues to grow and improve. In time to coincide with the 50th anniversary, it rolled out a new look.

Still, maturity is a great asset, something to be heralded. So it was natural — and a coup — for Fido Friendly to feature on its Golden Anniversary issue cover one of the Golden Girls, the inimitable Betty White.

Naturally, she’s accompanied by a Golden Retriever. Pretty punny, huh?

Still frisky after all these years…

Listen to the interview here.