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Morton Safe T Pet Ice Melt Pet Product Review

Morton Safe T Pet Ice Melt is a keep pets safe in winter product you’ll want to know about.  The cold winds of winter are blowing now and for many of us it’s time to salt the walkways and driveways.  Pet lovers know the dangers of chemical salt burns and Morton solves that problem with Safe T Pet Ice Melt that works in temperatures less than 15 degrees F! Check it out:

10th Day of Christmas Pet Products Countdown=)

Pet Safety: Paw Protection with Musher’s Secret

Pet safety is something we try to anticipate in all the things we do with our pets.  It’s not always something we manage to get right.  Paw protection is one area where most of us pro think of boots, but Musher’s Secret may cause you to think again. Check out this video:

This is a first in our 12 Days of Christmas pet products project – join us again tomorrow!  And no, we won’t be caroling with Carol, don’t want to scare you away, but we are humming to the dogs.