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Pet Products Review: October’s Top Picks with Animal Cafe & FIDO Friendly

Pet products review for Fall

Pet products review last month mentioned that we could almost hear the crunch of leaves underfoot; this month allpet products review the leaves are on the ground (Tashi is certain I arranged it just for him).  I hate to say it, but winter and the holidays are just around the corner. With that in mind, Carol Bryant of FIDO Friendly came by with some out of the ordinary picks for now, and the days to come.

ZuZuka rolling carriers – a new-to-me product useful for many dog-related activities, and Bowser’s wide array of pet products were reviewed from high density foam stairs to help elderly pets, to pillows and beds. Throvers’ convenient protection pad for your sofa, bed, and car from Crypton Fabrics offered added uses beyond pets, and for more value, there’s Pets R Loved which carries custom embroidery for pillows, towels, sheets, Christmas stockings and other items available from this uncommonly artful entrepreneur. Continue reading

Pet Products Reviews Premiere: Top 10 for August

pet products

Pet products reviews are so much fun and can be so helpful for those deciding what to spend their hard-earned money on.  Starting today,  I’ll be chatting with Carol Bryant each month about some of the smart, useful and fun pet products out there.

Carol Bryant, writer, Social Media and PR Director  of FIDO Friendly magazine and I had a great chat, exploring the ins and outs of the top 10 pet products picks for August.  Pet products are great fun to talk and hear about, and you’ll know you are getting  honest opinions, too, since the pet products reviewed are not paid for by the companies.

During this premiere show, we have ten amazing picks, with items ranging from $10 to a Christmas gift-worthy $136.  There’s something for everyone here! To show you what I mean, we go from a new type of portable faux leather Pet Haven dog den from Ooboo Designs complete with a pampering high-end dog bed of memory foam (I wish I had a bed like that!) and even more surprising  features, to the Genius Kong line of snap together chew toys with hidden compartments for treats that keep your dog entertained.

Many of this month’s pet products are for on-the-go pet lovers, with an “overnight” Doggie Baggage Tote that seems to defy the laws of physics – it holds what looks like endless amounts of dog stuff, with a compartment for people items inside, and pockets on the outside for water, bags, wipes, and yet is not lumpy or misshapen on the outside! If there’s a spill inside you can wipe it clean. It comes in lots of colors and sizes, so you choose what suits your habits to the beach, the trip to the country, out on a boat or for a longer car trip to go camping/glamping.

Not all pet products reviewed are just for fun or convenience or pampering. DERMagic is in the spotlight with a great testimonial from a customer who wrote in with news on her dog whose hair was falling out in patches and whose skin was turning black.  After having thyroid disease diagnosed, she started using DERMagic on the bald spots and the hair started growing back.  There are before and after pictures that were sent to prove how well this pet product worked at FIDO Friendly magazine.  What a great find for people and their dogs who need it!

There’s a special offer for listeners…so here, go find out what it is:)