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Hoodies for Dogs! What’s Your Dog’s Winter-Wear?

Hoodies for dogs are a pupular option (yes, I said that), because they are easy to use and convenient in early Spring, Fall and even in Winter depending on your dog and where you live. Carol Bryant stopped by to talk about Pooch Park Wear and their budget-wise but quality hoodies, and dog t-shirts.

Organizations can order hoodies or dog t-shirts with their name or message to the public printed and ready for their event goodie bags. There are discounts for quantity, so if you have a doggie play group or training class you can check the website for details.

And here’s a question for you: Do you dress your dog or maybe use a coat if it’s really cold?

Pet Talk: Small Business Minutes, Oliver’s Pet Care

After my chat with Spring Naturals, I thought it would be useful to take a look atpet talk what’s happening not only with pet foods, but with pet businesses, maybe start a pet talk about what you look for in pet food and pet products. Social media has made it easier to know a little more about the person or people behind a company you are buying from, but there are so many out there! How do you choose? I was approached for advertising on Dancing Dog Blog and that is where I first learned of Oliver’s Pet Care. Continue reading

Flush Puppies – Scoop the Poop, Save the Environment

This past week was National Scoop the Poop week – yes, it was very exciting;) Some people believe dog poop isflush puppies fertilizer – that would be wrong. It is a pollutant, featuring tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, to name a few, the eggs of which can live in the ground and continue to infect other dogs and people. We were reminded by the EPA of damage done to the waterways when you don’t pick up after your dog. Carol Bryant of FidoseOfReality came by and we talked about the benefits of Flush Puppies, a flushable 100% biodegradable bag. This is the best choice for the environment: No  e coli or disease concerns, no ending up in local bodies of water.

I’ve used Flush Puppies and there’s no problem flushing them when you’re connected to a city sewage system. Septic systems vary, however, and those that advise you not to flush wet wipes would be the type you would not want to use with Flush Puppies. Here’s the video – see what you think. Would give them a try?


Global Pet Expo – A Few Favorite Things

“Global” is the annual pet expo where around 800 international vendors gather to spotlight their hot new products forglobal pet products pets to the trade. Held in Orlando Florida at a convention hall so big it would take days to really see what was on offer, Animal Cafe had an “in” – our friend and pet products expert Carol Bryant spent some time at Global so we picked her brain in this interview to get the lowdown on the show and also a paw full of products I think you’ll like!

Ketchup and mustard for dogs and cats was a very cleverly packaged eye-catcher, dispensing liquid vitamins for your pet pals. There’s also a great little gadget that lets you embed the dreaded, hopefully occasional pill your dog or cat needs into food that comes with it.

There’s news about a flexible bandage that even has a video to show you how to protect awkward areas. The bandage has no adhesive and the gauze is attached for ease of use.

A new offering from Kong for powerful chewers, and the last, a pre-biotic oral care agent that you add to a meal once a day to rid the dog of bacteria that causes bad breath. Carol swears that her dog Dexter looks like he’s had a whitening treatment=) And for the “a little bit weird” file, that same company has a product for humans! Maybe a way to save a little cash and still have whiter, brighter teeth?

Enjoy the podcast – drop by and say “hi” to Carol at her own blog, Fidose of Reality.

Dog Treats, Custom Recipes at Giggy Bites

Dog treats are found everywhere in boxes and bags at your local market, but with all the bad news on where ingredientsdog treats come from, lack of labeling, and the continued lack of government action in pulling chicken jerky made in China off the shelves to prevent more fatalities, we thought we would put a spotlight on some nice wholesome, nutritious “home” baked goods for dogs.

Giggy Bites, located in Pennsylvania, is a store with treats galore for all sizes of dog even for those with allergies. Carol Bryant talks about one of her favorite local places, one we can all check out through their website GiggyBites.

Enjoy the video:

Pet Dental Care: Ark Naturals Dental Chews

Pet dental care is still a hot topic, and while brushing teeth is the best method of preventing gum disease,pet dental chews  some might be more inclined to use Ark Naturals very convenient dental chews. It does not replace brushing, of  course, but it does help remove tartar build up and bacteria. If you do brush your dog’s teeth, these chews  can be used in-between brushings or when brushing isn’t practical.

For dogs who are, shall we say, steadfastly opposed to letting you in their mouths with a toothbrush or in the event your index finger could be imperiled and is needed for other pursuits, these chews are a great alternative!

Named one of the top pet products of 2011 by the Pet Business Industry, Ark Naturals dental chews are edible toothpaste that won’t upset the stomach and help reduce tooth decay and doggie breath. More on how this works in our video.