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Pets Get Organized! Yep Yup’s Hanging Organizer

hanging pet organizerYep Yup’s hanging organizer is a smart, stylish solution to getting all your pet care items stored in one easy-to-find place. This very good looking, well-constructed product is designed by Gerardo and Sepi Herrara who use their travel experiences as inspiration. Yep Yup is  a company known for using eco-friendly materials and processes that go easy on the planet.

I remember an email interview I had with the Herrara’s a couple of years ago, just before these designs were debuted – Gerardo explained only water-based inks were used and each item is printed under strict EPA standards in LA. In this podcast review Carol Bryant of Fidose of Reality talks about spot washing any stains or dirt. This is the best method to keep the color looking bright and fresh. As with any 100% cotton canvas dye with water-based ink, it will fade over time even when washed in cool water – like your t-shirts! I haven’t had to spot wash my Sasha & Tasha purple organizer, so it looks brand new after two years.

The Yep Yup hanging organizer measures 10.5″ x 49″, with two metal grommets to facilitate hanging it from the inside of a closet or pantry door (hangers not included). Check out all the great colors available and hear what Carol has to say about her experience with the product.



Do You Clean Your Pet’s Teeth?

pet dental healthBrushing your dog or cat’s teeth may not be high on your “to do” list, time being in such short supply, but believe me when you see what veterinarian dentists charge, you’ll run right out and get *something*, anything to start a prevention regimen.  A teeth cleaning for a small-medium dog is around $400 depending on where you live – and that’s before they find any bad or loose teeth.

There are products you can include in your new pet dental health plans.  Some are gels, some foam, others are water additives, and then there are sprays that change the chemistry of the pet’s mouth, which softens the tartar and washes it away.  The latter is what Carol Bryant and I talk about on today’s pet product review.

LEBA III has been double-blind tested (see it here) by the renowned Guelph University in Canada which rated effectiveness as “The animals receiving LEBA III showed a reduction of plaque, tartar and calculus. A reduction of gum inflammation was recorded and a general improvement of periodontal condition.” The product was administered twice a week. While we know under the gums will need attention at some point, according to the study and the company, this product can keep the need for dental anesthesia to a minimum in your pet’s life.  Take a look…

Dog Coats For All Seasons from Ruffwear – Spotlight on Quinzee

Dog coats at this time of year bring to mind needs for extreme weather conditions, and Ruffwear has coats for some of the ruff-ruff roughest weather dogs might encounter.  It’s something ridiculous outside as I write, 4 degrees, and maybe the cold has gone to my head, but don’t think I didn’t wish I had one of these lightweight, made of + 40% recycled materials coats for my Shih Tzu Tashi when I took him out in this.  There are many great features to the Quinzee coat to protect your dog from the elements, but Ruffwear also thought of external safety when they included 3M’s Scotchlite reflective trim for low-light  visibility.  Nice to have in storm.  Check out our product review with Carol Bryant for all the details:

Dog Collars: Holiday and Every Day Bling for Pampered Pooches

Dog collars are seen in a whole new light when you check out Around the Collar.  This is one place that has the best in bling and festive collars. When only the best will do, go with Swarovski crystals and other great looks you’ll find at Around the Collar.  Take a peek at the video – ah, go on – doesn’t hurt to look!

2nd Day before Christmas Pet Product Project


Pet Safety: Paw Protection with Musher’s Secret

Pet safety is something we try to anticipate in all the things we do with our pets.  It’s not always something we manage to get right.  Paw protection is one area where most of us pro think of boots, but Musher’s Secret may cause you to think again. Check out this video:

This is a first in our 12 Days of Christmas pet products project – join us again tomorrow!  And no, we won’t be caroling with Carol, don’t want to scare you away, but we are humming to the dogs.