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Running a Pet Friendly B&B

Being in the hospitality industry isn’t easy, especially when it comes to operating your own bed and breakfast. You have to have a certain personality to want to deal with guests on a regular basis, as well as skills that go beyond baking muffins (though baked goods are definitely important) and cleaning (ditto).

Add a few — well, more than a few — dogs, several horses, and a couple of cats, and you’ve really got a challenge on your hands.

It’s a challenge that Michael McCormack (the Irish cowboy pictured here) and his wife, Catherine, have met with a great deal of skill and panache at the pet-friendly Lazy Dog Ranch, located on a nature preserve in Southern Arizona. I’ve blogged about a recent visit to the inn with my dog, Frankie, and can attest to the hosts’ hospitality, as well as to the friendliness of their three resident pups.

If you’ve ever thought of opening your own pet-friendly lodgings — or even just wondered about what goes on behind the scenes at someone else’s — tune in to this interview with Michael McCormick. Then come back and chat with him at 9pm EST on Wednesday, April 20. Or as Michael might say (with a brogue), You all come back now, y’hear?