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Halloween Costumes, Pet Safety Tips,Tricks & Treats

Bleh-Bleh-Bleh, it’s Halloween! Yes, you will be scared of Steve Dale when you watch this clip, but you’ll be even more excited by all the great costumes available for pets this season! Miss Meowsky, of Barker & Meowsky in Chicago, dropped by the studio to tell Steve about all of the fun you can have dressing your dogs (and cats) for Halloween this season. You can dress your dog up as a crayon, a skunk, a can of beer, even bacon! Besides seeing some of the best costumes, we also have pet safety tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween — in their costumes, around the candy, and when the doorbell starts ringing like crazy. And here’s a question for you: When some dogs *look* humiliated in costumes or clothes, do you think they really are?

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