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Is A Puppy Right For You?

Guest Post

Getting a puppy is a lot like having a baby. You can spend hours just gazing at their adorable faces. Strangers stop you in thefirst puppy street to coo over them. But then there’s the mess, the constant need for attention, the systematic destruction of your home…  
I should know. I often like to joke that I have three children. There are the two sons I gave birth to and then there’s my ‘problem eldest child’ – a naughty cocker spaniel called Alfie.

Alfie came on the scene a year before the kids. On the plus side, a year in his company made having children seem easy. On the minus side, trying to deal with a newborn and an excitable one-year-old dog barely out of the puppy stage would have frazzled the nerves of Mother Theresa. Continue reading