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Arm the Animals Saves Them

Arm the Animals is not politically motivated, they are not a 501c3 – they are a brand seeking to expand the good their clothing line does for small rescues and shelters.  One year young, they have appeared in Star, People, Seventeen and other magazines, are on the resource pages of Petfinder, and have had celebrities modeling for them and promoting Arm the Animals Clothing through social media. They have been contacted by interested retailers – which is a very big deal. Growing a business is tough, especially in retail. But if your business model is based on a mission of providing funds to shelters and rescues, it’s even more important that you do it right.

Matt Heinemeyer, CEO of Arm the Animals Clothing, talks about doing it right. He shares why he decided on a clothing line, how he chose to go as eco-friendly as the company could afford, what that meant, and how things have progressed. I was surprised at all the things he could do at the outset and still keep costs down. He reveals how much of a success his venture has been so far for the cash-strapped shelters who have benefited from their mission. As the company grows, so does the benefit to animals in need. Heinemeyer talks about a brand new patent in recycling raw materials for clothing that is pretty exciting too, but I’ll let you check that out in the interview!