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Poison and Pets – Hidden Dangers Lurking?

Poison and Poisonings in Pets

How many pet poisons are hiding in your house and garden?

Poison and pets get together at the worst times, often taking families by surprise when household items turn deadly.  One of the most common pet poisonings occur when your pet accidentally gets into your medication.  But many other substances that  can poison your pets are hidden dangers lurking in and around your home..  Some poisons are well-known as dangers to pets,  others are unexpected.

Poison and Pets – What’s In Your Kitchen

There are some foods that are well-known for being dangerous for our pets. For instance, most people know that chocolate is a poison and pets who ingest it need to be seen.  But did you know that sugarless chewing gum can also be a dangerous, even fatal source of pet poisoning? It can if it contains a chemical called xylitol, especially for dogs.

Do you feed your pet grapes or raisins? Grapes and raisins are known to be a poison for pets also.

These are just a few examples of  how poison and pets  get together in something as  simple as household foods considered to be treats.

Poison and Pets – What’s In Your Garden?

Yes, absolutely. Many of the flowers in your garden are quite dangerous. Some of the common plants that can be a pet poison are:

  • foxglove, contains a poison known as digitalis
  • lillies, an especially potent poison for cats
  • Japanese yew, contains another type of poison
  • many other plants

In addition, many of us use fertilizers and other chemicals on our lawns and gardens. Many of these products, particularly the ones you use in your garden, can be a poison for your pet. Did you know that bone meal, commonly used as a fertilizer for plants, is a poison?

Poisons in Pets Flea and Tick Medicines – A Real Threat?

In areas where fleas and ticks are common, flea and tick control is a must. But how safe are these products for your pets? The answer may surprise you!

Poison and Pets – Hear Dr. Justine Lee, from the Pet Poison HelpLine, Talk About Flea and Tick Products, Their Potential to Poison Your Pet and Much More

This week, Animal Cafe welcomes Dr. Justine Lee, director of veterinary services at the Pet Poison Helpline. Dr. Lee discusses the potential toxicity of flea and tick medicines and explains the steps you can take to keep them from becoming a poison issue for your pet in addition to many other facts that pet owners need to know about poison and pets.

Dr. Lee will also be joining us on Wednesday, May 4 at 9PM EST in the Chat Cafe to further the discussion of pets and pet poisonings. She’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Mark it on your calendar and pull up a chair in the Cafe to hear more about what things can be poisonous to your pets and what you can do to avoid them.

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Finding the Best Quality Pet Food for Your Dog or Cat

[Anthony Holloway

Anthony Holloway, owner of K9 Cuisine

This week, we’re joined by Anthony Holloway, owner of K9 Cuisine. In this audio podcast, Anthony discusses the origins of K9 Cuisine and the difficulty he and his family experienced in purchasing a good food for their own pet. He also discusses his criteria for offering a food for sale through K9 Cuisine. There are many foods which K9 Cuisine does not offer because they do not meet the website’s standard for quality.

Anthony also discusses the pet food rating tool available at K9 Cuisine. This tool allows a pet owner to determine the quality of their pet’s food by answering a number of questions. All that is required for you to complete the questionaire and find out how your dog or cat food rates is the product label for the food. The tool also explains why each question is important in determining the quality of the food.

Go ahead and listen to the podcast at your convenience. Then, don’t forget to join us in the Chat Cafe on April 6, 2011 at 9PM EST to ask your own questions or share your experiences with the various foods you have fed your own dog or cat. Anthony will be joining us and will be happy to provide further information.