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Dog Toys Suprise Helping Udders!

Dog toys are usually pretty straightforward, and at first glance this tug toy from Helping Udders looks different – and it is. This companydog toys has put together a line of toys made from recycling the rubber used at dairy farms, so it’s eco-friendly, made in the US, and from 10 to 50% of your purchase is donated to a rescue of your choice.

Carol Bryant of Fidose of Reality stopped by to give us a closer look at this product – of course we *had* to make a couple of jokes. But seriously, tug toys require people on one side of the play equation, so you get to spend some quality playtime bonding with your dog, while giving to rescue and supporting recycling and jobs in the US too!


Does Your Dog Love Squeaky Toys? Petsmart Exclusive!

Squeaky toys are often favorites in your dog’s world and it’s fun to watch their high delight in a new toy  – I guess that’s why so much is spent on toys, an average of $43 per year per household in a recent American Pet Products Association owner survey, and with 46.3 million dog loving households, you’re talking real money;)  Here’s one toy that won’t break the bank at $2.99 a Petsmart exclusive (when I looked the other day it was on sale).  Take a look at this:

Safety note: Always supervise your dog’s play.

Angry Birds Toys Beat at Their Own Game!

{EAV:82b810627650ca87} Angry Birds toys for dogs have met their match – my dog got a chance to play with one I won. It fit his mouth, this angry yellow bird, and it has a very soft sound of Hitchcock-like screams and screeches – Tashi holds it in his mouth and will clamp down on it once or twice until the sound starts. It must seem like his own personal auditorium of angry birds reverberating in his head, but he holds it there listening…until it stops, and he chomps down again! Here’s our last in the countdown series of 12 Days before Christmas, Pet Product Project for Animal Cafe:

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!