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Dog Play at Home or On The Road!

I confess I love playing games with my dog, and they are usually confined to the house. Don’t feel sorry for Tashi – he doesn’t appreciate the hubbub of the dog park or rough dog play and has a great time teasing and sometimes out-gaming me!

Today was the first day I noticed my dog was getting a little stir crazy…he came over to the computer with his toy and then barked at me. He doesn’t bark unless I ask him to, for which I take no training props whatsoever – he came that way, so I was startled. All I had to do was get up and off he went…he must have zoomed back and forth from dining room down the hall to the living room 10 times Continue reading

Can Playing with Dogs Help Train Dogs?

I recently wrote about playing with dogs and its role in communicating and bonding with my dog, and have used play after a dog training session to reinforce the idea that it’s all fun. It was great to see this video with Steve Dale talking about this topic to the always impressive Patricia McConnell, author, certified applied animal behaviorist, international speaker, and adjunct professor in Zoology at University of Wisconsin, Madison. Continue reading