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Interview with Mary-Alice Pomputius of Dog Jaunt

Mary-Alice Pomputius and Chloe

When Mary-Alice Pomputius first began taking trips with Chloe, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, there was very little information available on the nitty gritty details of pet travel, just vague generalities like “You need to buy a carrier.”

Well, yes, but what kind?

Mary-Alice’s need to get answers to her many questions — and ours — led her to create DogJaunt.com, which never stints on details.

This interview with the always good-natured and engaging traveler covers everything from the inspiration for Mary-Alice’s blog to such pressing issues as whether Chloe can be trained to pee on a pad in airport bathrooms between flights.

You know you want to know.

We’ll be following up on the interview with other questions, such as “What are the most helpful commands to train your dog to follow before going on a trip?” and “How do you keep your dog’s digestive system on track when she’s on the road?”

You probably have your own questions. Join us in our chat on Wednesday, March 23 at 9:00PM EST to ask Mary-Alice.