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Dog Chew That Lasts

A good dog chew is hard to find, ask anyone with a dog that needs to chew out excess energy todog chew prevent havoc from wrecking the house. Sometimes you need to go the extra mile to find one that works for your dog, or in this case, 7600 miles to Nepal to get a dog chew that even has a little history to it (you can hear about that in the video).

Himalayan dog chews are chemical free and are simply made of Yak and cow milk, salt and bit of lime. Don’t worry, it won’t upset your dog’s digestion and it doesn’t smell. There are no preservatives added and yet laboratory results show it will last 4 years from the day you open the package. The Himalayan dog chew provides your dog with a healthy place to exercise his teeth and gums, focus his energies, and you get a little quiet time.

Carol Bryant from Fidose of Reality stopped by and we had a chat about this product – check out the video for different sizes available and other products made by Himalayan Dog Chew.