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Happy Cats Play – Cat Games for Life Enrichment!

cat gamesCat games and playing with cats might be one answer to getting more cats adopted. It was more than a decade ago when I first heard Steve Dale say “maybe if people treated cats like they treat dogs…” the implication being we’d have more in homes and not so many in shelters. I was so impressed — the concept at the time was jarring in its departure from the norm, radical and deeply caring of the quality of life of cats and our connection to them.

I had cats growing up, and we played with them with catnip toys and balls — not really like you would play with a dog, although I would not learn of all the differences until I found my first dog as an adult. Steve’s assertion rang true, that if people would engage with cats the way they do with dogs how many more would be in homes because of that change in mindset? Continue reading