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Finding the Best Quality Pet Food for Your Dog or Cat

[Anthony Holloway

Anthony Holloway, owner of K9 Cuisine

This week, we’re joined by Anthony Holloway, owner of K9 Cuisine. In this audio podcast, Anthony discusses the origins of K9 Cuisine and the difficulty he and his family experienced in purchasing a good food for their own pet. He also discusses his criteria for offering a food for sale through K9 Cuisine. There are many foods which K9 Cuisine does not offer because they do not meet the website’s standard for quality.

Anthony also discusses the pet food rating tool available at K9 Cuisine. This tool allows a pet owner to determine the quality of their pet’s food by answering a number of questions. All that is required for you to complete the questionaire and find out how your dog or cat food rates is the product label for the food. The tool also explains why each question is important in determining the quality of the food.

Go ahead and listen to the podcast at your convenience. Then, don’t forget to join us in the Chat Cafe on April 6, 2011 at 9PM EST to ask your own questions or share your experiences with the various foods you have fed your own dog or cat. Anthony will be joining us and will be happy to provide further information.