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Helping Pets and People: Top 7 Links

helping pets

Labor Day

Helping pets and their people is a goal of ours here at Animal Cafe.  What better time than today to take a look back at what we’ve done. It’s the outer edge of Labor Day, the barbecue is over, and everyone has gone home.  The change of seasons and a farewell to summer is upon us – it’s been cool and breezy all day.  Where did the time go? Animal Café will be six months young on the 7th – time to look back and review shared lessons learned with our listeners and readers.
1.  Most Beautiful

Mary Haight’s interview with Aimee Gilbreath, Executive Director of Found Animals Foundation, “$75 Million Dollar Race: End Euthanasia” takes this spot. The mission of Found Animals Foundation goes well beyond the ordinary in helping pets, and through it’s Michaelson Grant program engages the best of the best in reproductive science and research in the race to find a single dose solution to surgical spay/neuter.  Without the 50 million dollars in grants for research and development, there would be no race. Money changes everything. Think of it – helping pets in a way that begins to change the lives of 600,000,000 stray dogs and cats worldwide, without pain, infection, or impossible odds. The fact that they also have an adoption center and partner with others in California to support adoption and maximize the number of animals who find homes is another reason this group enjoys the spotlight. But the story that started it all? Well, that is most beautiful! Continue reading

$75 Million Dollar Race: End Pet Overpopulation, Euthanasia – Found Animals

Found Animals, what a great story!  An orthopedic surgeon invents new tools for his craft, becomes a billionaire, and decides to startFound Animals a Foundation to benefit animals.  Money or no, the surgeon works on the mission and programs from his kitchen table for three years, finally hires an executive director and starts things off with a $75 million dollar bang!  Gary Michaelson, one of Forbes 400 richest, is the founder of Found Animals Foundation. There’s an article on their website that quotes Michaelson, saying the money needed to capture, house, feed, and kill pets in sheltering systems nationwide is “staggering”, that we should be able to find a “more humane” way (Sciencemag.org, 18 Sept 2009, David Grimm).

I spoke with Aimee Gilbreath, Executive Director of Found Animals, who explained that the Michaelson Prize and Reproductive Biology grants work hand in hand to spur research from a wide range of scientific fields. Grants, $50 million dollars worth, are awarded for promising research that might not otherwise get funded, and that may open new pathways to a single-dose solution to spay/neuter for cats and dogs, and the $25 million dollar prize. That’s quite an incentive. Continue reading

Save Animals, Save Yourself?

You may have heard of Jane Velez Mitchell from her show, “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell”, on CNN’s HLN.  An award winning television journalist, she is often seen commenting on high-profile cases for CNN, TruTV, E! and other national cable TV shows. Velez-Mitchell is also a  New York Times best selling author.  Her new book, “Addict Nation”,  an intervention for America, is the subject of our podcast.

Velez-Mitchell is an environmentalist and vegan.  Her book, “Addict Nation”, doesn’t just talk about problems in our culture,  it poses useful, “do-able” alternate ideas for creating a better life, without preaching.  Yes, we have heard this message before from academics and self-help books, even government officials, often tackling one thing at a time.  But this book is accessible, written as if you were having an impassioned dinner conversation with friends on a wide-range of topics.

Timing of this message probably couldn’t be much better.  In these past few years of financial fallout,  millions have had an all too personal experience of discovering that  consumerism,  whether it’s over-eating, drinking, hoarding, or spending money you don’t have, hasn’t fulfilled them.  Interesting and bold was the view that animal and environmental rights were keys to unleashing not only jobs and strengthening the economic future of the US, but also halting the cruelty of factory farms, laboratory, and research facilities.

Join us for a chat with Jane Velez-Mitchell Wednesday, March 30 at 9pm EST – listen to the podcast and get your questions ready!