Puppy Training — Help Your Pet Do Their Best

Puppy training done well is going to keep you sane during a period when life has been rearranged to make room for puppy needs — and puppies need a lot: Time, attention, play, socialization, lessons are learned at each step! You want to be sure your pet is learning the lessons you are teaching. Now is the time to help your pet do their best, forming a strong bond between you as you lead him to success.

A very important lesson in puppy training is housetraining. One of the top reasons people give up their pets to shelters is eliminating in the house. You say you walk your dog for half an hour at a time, only to have him have an accident on your floors afterwards? Are you befuddled, bewildered, beside yourself? Listen in as Steve Dale talks to Andrea Arden, animal trainer, author, and television host.