Pet Travel: An American Sheltie in Paris


Pet travel is a growing and ever more popular choice with vacationing families and pet friendly travel overseaspet travel reflects the same accommodation. New author on the pet travel scene Sheron Long and I had a chat about her book Dog Trots Globe, a story of one dog’s impression of pet friendly travel, and the strange, wonderful smells, sights and sounds encountered from Paris to Provence.

Narrated by Sheron’s Sheltie, Chula, it was easy to imagine the keen anticipation of a new adventure every day and follow Chula as her nose informs what new friends she might meet up ahead, what tasty foods street vendors might share, and, in the South, is filled with the calming yet heady aroma of lavender fields.

Taking a dog to France for the first time for an extended stay required some planning. Between Department of Agriculture requirements, airline space available, health requirements for travel to and around France for Chula, attention must be paid to the required paperwork and timing. France is a dog-friendly country, Sheron explained, and once you have your dog’s health certificate checked on entry, you’re ready to start exploring.

With all the excitement of cobblestone streets, learning to walk across them comfortably, and taking long unfamiliar walks, Chula got acclimated quickly, though not without some hiccups. The purse that looked like a furry white cat in the restaurant caused an unmannerly and much frowned upon reactive bolt across the room toward the offending object. Chula’s disappointment and confusion upon closer inspection of her target must have been palpable. And then there was the incident at the market in Provence…oh, and that other exodus of never-before-seen fuzzy animals in the thousands that – well let’s just say that Chula had to suspend her disbelief and gather all her courage!

Sheron fell in love with the joie de vivre of France as a studentĀ  at Grenoble, and now she, her husband Robert and Chula split their time between Carmel Valley, California and Saint-Remy-de-Provence. You can find her on Facebook and get all the travel particulars *and* the book at the publisher’s site, OIC Books. All three versions of the book (hardcover, ebook, and enhanced ebook) are available at Amazon, iTunes, wherever books are sold. There are over 150 photos in Dog Trots Globe, and Sheron kindly provided a raft of photos to give you a flavor of what it’s like – enjoy the video.

“Sheron Long founded and directed The Hampton-Brown Company, a leading publisher of language and literacy material in the K-12 education space. National Geographic acquired the company in 2006, and Sheron stayed as CEO of the combined group, National Geographic School Publishing, retiring in 2009.”







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