Pet Talk: Small Business Minutes, Oliver’s Pet Care

After my chat with Spring Naturals, I thought it would be useful to take a look atpet talk what’s happening not only with pet foods, but with pet businesses, maybe start a pet talk about what you look for in pet food and pet products. Social media has made it easier to know a little more about the person or people behind a company you are buying from, but there are so many out there! How do you choose? I was approached for advertising on Dancing Dog Blog and that is where I first learned of Oliver’s Pet Care.

I had a quick chat with Shaheed Khan, owner of Oliver’s Pet Care, who started a store because of his dog, Oliver. It may simply be the circles I travel in, but I’ve always noticed dogs can be both a catalyst and a helper in the things humans do. So here’s a grassroots kind of story from a truly small business with a big heart and an eye on developing a community that is all for dogs (and their people), giving back in the process.

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