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Reviewed By: Mary Haight

Best Salmon Treat Ever? Yes, My Dog Says! (Good for Cats Too…)

Salmon Paws’ Omega Stix Treats are hands down, no question, the best salmon treat I’ve come across. Why?  Omega Stix – a moist salmon jerky – are made by hand of wild Alaskan Salmon, with no bones, yeast, or filler.  Assembled in a facility licensed and inspected to prepare salmon items for humans, this sounded like a real quality product. I could not wait to get my hands on them! And a bonus – they are great for both dogs and cats.

Salmon Paws’ Omega Stix Salmon Jerky Treats for Dogs

Salmon Paws did not disappoint.  The Omega Stix salmon jerky came vacuumed packed with a notice to keep them refrigerated once opened.  No problem!  They were long, uniformly sized, and had a natural color that screamed “fresh”.  I expected the jerky to be greasy to the touch, but, no, not one paper towel was used in the review of this product!  There was no sign of silvery skin, and, as promised, no bones were found.

Salmon Jerky, Dog Tested and Approved

I cut one stick of salmon jerky into pieces and used them in a learning toy I have – the aroma so excited my dog that he put his little Shih-Tzu nose to work and was focused and determined to get each piece out of that game!  When he had found and consumed them all with gusto, he had to check each compartment again to make sure there was no little nibble left behind.  The aroma is wonderful, not at all overpowering.
The next test I thought would be a tough one because jerky is a dense, well -packed product.  My dog, a rescue, is missing his upper canines.  Holding most of the stick in my hand, I offered him a bite to see if he could manage to grapple with it and tear a piece off. If my dog can do it, most dogs can! It is testimony to the moisture content and flexibility of this brand of salmon jerky that my dog managed to bite off pieces without frustration.

This is the perfect training treat, too.  I worked through some old routines with my dog that we had not been reinforcing for a very long time and it turned out to be quite a memory jogger! That reminds me – the health benefits of the omega-3s in salmon jerky should be noted – essential oils, high protein, low fat, makes it great for snacks.  Made in the USA.


Featured Salmon Paws Omega Sticks Salmon Jerky for Dogs:

Salmon Paws Omega Sticks Salmon Jerky for Dogs

Salmon Jerky for your pooch! Salmon Paws Omega Stix contain only human-grade Wild Salmon caught in the pristine waters of Alaska. Unlike many other salmon treat products out on the market today, Salmon Paws is 100% pure salmon meat with NO bones, fillers, yeast! Only the finest salmon is used to hand-make this premium treat for your pooch. Also try Salmon Paws Original, Salmon Paws with Broccoli and Kitty Bitts.

Size: 2 Omega Sticks per package. 1.4 oz

  • Made in an FDA approved facility
  • Excellent Training Aid
  • All natural, human-grade
  • Rich in Protein and Omega 3 Oils
  • Makes the perfect snack

Price: $ 6.99

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