Pet Poisons – Most Accidents Happen in the Home!

Pet poisons are a subject we all want to know more about, pet poisonsso when Steve Dale got together with Dr Justine Lee from the Pet Poison Helpline in this video, I knew it would help readers make good choices for their pets. True to form, Steve offered more than expected, with a surprising cooking tip and important message for those who keep birds, and also a note about the controversy over avocados!


Last month was pet first aid awareness month, and we have talked about making lists of priority steps to take should you suddenly be confronted with a need to know – and isn’t that the way it always happens? Poisoning qualifies for that list and if you’d like to hear more from Dr Justine Lee on how to prevent flea and tick meds, items from your garden, and other seemingly innocuous things from poisoning your pets, you can listen in to an interview we had here at Animal Cafe on poison and pets.

There is also a CE webinar June 4, reviewing prescription and over-the-counter topical medications toxic to pets (don’t use that triple-antibiotic cream on Max without vet approval or before you attend the seminar). Sign up at Pet Poison Helpline!



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