Pet Health Care and Prevention

Pet health care begins with prevention, doing what’s needed to stay healthy, whether you vaccinate, test for heartworm or check for parasites and pet health caregeneral condition. Just as our yearly (or more) visits to our doctors help us realize we can control a few things in our environment or our habits to better mitigate disease, it is no different for our pets. Yearly check-ups is a running theme this year because the year-over-year trend in vet visits shows that vets are not seeing all their clients on a regular basis. This is a problem for pets — they can’t tell us when they hurt. I had this issue at the back of my mind when I ran across something I curated for my Dog Care Guide that could turn this trend around.

Remember when we once were able to finance surprise expensive procedures with the vet? It was often the reason the dog or cat was saved from euthanasia. What if vets made it common practice to offer a Wellness Package for pets, based on their stage of life and what are normal tests and check-ups for that stage, to be paid out monthly over the year? That would make timely pet health care accessible for many more pets. There’s a menu of care available through the dog care guide link, you might want to show it to your vet for consideration.

Because so many choices are guided by tight budgets, you might be tempted to buy discount medications online for your pet to cut costs. And in fact, I just noticed a sign at my local pharmacy that announced pet medications were now available – seems like everyone is getting into the field. How familiar are these people with pet medications, and do the know your pet? Steve Dale talks to Dr Michael Paul and Dr Michael Cavanaugh about preventive care for our pets in this video:



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