Pet First Aid Awareness Month – What to Do and When to Do It

Pet First Aid Awareness Month is a great time to run down your checklist of what to do in case of emergencies. If you don’tPet first aid have a checklist, now is a good time to put one together! Is the emergency clinic number in a place you can find it in a panic?

You might want to think about typing up a list covering the basic signs of poisoning, what to do if your dog or cat is choking, bleeding, gets bit or stung, or needs CPR. What is the appropriate response or remedy for these situations? Having a list to refer to will help keep the panic and anxiety at a lower level should an emergency occur. You’ll have a good grounding for your next appointment with the vet after exploring the useful information¬† at HealthyPawsLA.

Healthy Paws was founded by Jillian Myers, a PetSaver certified pet first aid instructor, to help pet owners respond to life-threatening situations with life-saving techniques. Listen to the interview by Dr Lorie Huston.




Great interview and info any pet owner should know. Seconds matter in a moment of first aid need.,


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