Pet First Aid and CPR: Would You Know How to Save Your Dog or Cat in an Emergency?

Pet First Aid and CPR

Would you know how to perform CPR or provide basic first aid for your pet in case of an accident or emergency?

An emergency can happen in the blink of an eye. Tragedy can strike without warning. Being prepared for these types of events can make the difference between living and dying for your pet. That’s why every responsible pet owner should know the basics of pet first aid and CPR.

Pet First Aid and CPR

Knowing how to perform basic pet first aid and CPR can certainly help save your pet in the event of an emergency. However, it goes further than that also.

Knowing how to perform a health assessment of your dog or cat from nose to tail can help alert you to the presence of issues that may not be an actual emergency but still require medical attention for your pet.

Meet Jillian Myers, a Certified Pet First Aid Instructor

Jillian Myers is a PetSaver certified instructor. At Healthy Paws LA, she teaches pet first aid and CPR courses that are open to any pet owner or pet professional.

Jillian joined Animal Cafe’s resident veterinarian, Lorie Huston, for this week’s interview. The podcast is available below.

Jillian shared with us, in her interview, the tragic story of how she took her dog, Diego, to her veterinarian for what was supposed to be a routine “teeth cleaning”. Unfortunately, there were unexpected complications after Diego was sent home from the hospital and Diego ended up dying in Jillian’s arms as she rushed him back to the veterinary office.

At that time, Jillian knew nothing of pet first aid or how to properly perform CPR on a dog. That day changed Jillian’s life forever as she vowed to do her utmost to make sure that this scenario was not repeated for other pet owners.

Healthy Paws Pet First Aid and CPR Classes

The courses offered at Jillian’s Healthy Paws facility not only include hands-on exposure to basic pet first aid techniques but also teach participants how to care for their senior dogs and cats as well as focusing on proper oral care for pets. But Jillian talks much more about what her classes are like and what is covered in them in the interview, so have a listen.


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