Pet Dental Care: Ark Naturals Dental Chews

Pet dental care is still a hot topic, and while brushing teeth is the best method of preventing gum disease,pet dental chews  some might be more inclined to use Ark Naturals very convenient dental chews. It does not replace brushing, of  course, but it does help remove tartar build up and bacteria. If you do brush your dog’s teeth, these chews  can be used in-between brushings or when brushing isn’t practical.

For dogs who are, shall we say, steadfastly opposed to letting you in their mouths with a toothbrush or in the event your index finger could be imperiled and is needed for other pursuits, these chews are a great alternative!

Named one of the top pet products of 2011 by the Pet Business Industry, Ark Naturals dental chews are edible toothpaste that won’t upset the stomach and help reduce tooth decay and doggie breath. More on how this works in our video.