Pet Behavior Consultant Steve Dale On Good Dogs And Cats

Pet Behavior Consultant Steve DaleSteve Dale is a modern day Dr. Doolittle, but with a twist. Instead of just speaking to the animals, he has dedicated his career to speaking for the animals via his many media venues. Steve is a pet behavior consultant, syndicated columnist, national radio host, and the author of two new ebooks, “Good Dog!” and “Good Cat!”.

I’ve always appreciated the common sense approach that Steve takes on even the most hot button issues among animals advocates. His vast knowledge of every pet-related subject possible, from pet health care to dominance in dog training, illustrates his pure passion and good will for all creatures. Steve always wants what is best for the animals, and they have no better friend.

Last week I was fortunate enough to chat with Steve about what is on his mind in the pet world these days. We discussed the idea of dominance in dog training, whether it’s okay to see dogs and cats as members of the family, how most of what we humans see as behavior problems in our beloved pets, really aren’t, and even how to avoid offending squirrels!

Steve also reveals the number one behavior question he gets asked in his role as pet behavior consultant at his Q & A newspaper column. The question that accounts for over 50 percent of all of the questions he gets.

To hear all of this and more, please join us in our eclectic conversation by listening to the podcast below. And if you’d like to ask Steve a question yourself he can be found in oh-so-many places but the best way to reach him is on his internet home: Steve Dale’s Pet World.

James Lisbon
James Lisbon

That is an interesting thing that he deals with pet behavior.  My aunt has had many cats, but I think she may have mentioned that a few do not behave as well as they should.  I wonder how she has handled the situation.   I might call her and see what her opinions are on the subject. 


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