Interview with Jacque Redford, Expert Dog Breeder

This week I had the pleasure of visiting with Jacque Redford, an experienced dog breeder (over 30 years breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks). To hear our interview, please listen to the podcast. You’ll hear:

  • what types of things that reputable breeders do differently than an amateur breeder or a puppy mill breeder
  • recommendations about choosing the right female and the right male to benefit your breeding program
  • why a dog can be perfect physically but still capable of passing genetic diseases on to their offspring
  • how to evaluate a female or male for genetic soundness

Join us in our chat on Wednesday, March 16 at 9:00PM EST to ask your own questions. Some of the things we’ll be discussing on Wednesday include:

  • how to care for your new puppy at home
  • how old your new puppy should be before he goes home with you
  • how to find out whether your breeder is reputable
  • how to register your new puppy
  • and much more

Come join us. All are welcome.




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