Global Pet Expo – A Few Favorite Things

“Global” is the annual pet expo where around 800 international vendors gather to spotlight their hot new products forglobal pet products pets to the trade. Held in Orlando Florida at a convention hall so big it would take days to really see what was on offer, Animal Cafe had an “in” – our friend and pet products expert Carol Bryant spent some time at Global so we picked her brain in this interview to get the lowdown on the show and also a paw full of products I think you’ll like!

Ketchup and mustard for dogs and cats was a very cleverly packaged eye-catcher, dispensing liquid vitamins for your pet pals. There’s also a great little gadget that lets you embed the dreaded, hopefully occasional pill your dog or cat needs into food that comes with it.

There’s news about a flexible bandage that even has a video to show you how to protect awkward areas. The bandage has no adhesive and the gauze is attached for ease of use.

A new offering from Kong for powerful chewers, and the last, a pre-biotic oral care agent that you add to a meal once a day to rid the dog of bacteria that causes bad breath. Carol swears that her dog Dexter looks like he’s had a whitening treatment=) And for the “a little bit weird” file, that same company has a product for humans! Maybe a way to save a little cash and still have whiter, brighter teeth?

Enjoy the podcast – drop by and say “hi” to Carol at her own blog, Fidose of Reality.