Free Eye Examinations for All Service Dogs

U.S. Army Service Dogs

U.S. Army service dogs pose for a photo during a training session.
Photo Credit: The U.S. Army

Service dogs perform jobs that are not only difficult but sometimes even dangerous. Their jobs range from detecting bombs and sniffing out drugs to search and rescue missions. Some of them provide more individualized tasks, like guide dogs or diabetes alert dogs.

Any way you look at it, these dogs often provide a life-saving function no matter what their primary task may be. Without them, many individuals who suffer from diabetes, seizures, blindness and other health issues and/or disabilities would be unable to continue to lead their current lifestyle. And no one can dispute that dogs who perform search and rescue missions as well as dogs who sniff out explosive devices, drugs, and other contraband, perform a necessary and important public safety service.

Why Eye Examinations Are Necessary for Service Dogs

Needless to say, these service dogs rely on a number of talents to perform their necessary tasks. However, good eyesight is at the top of the list of necessities for these dogs.

Without adequate eyesight, these dogs simply would not be able to perform the tasks that they are assigned to safely and effectively.

Free Eye Exams for Service Dogs: The National Service Dog Eye Exam Event

In order to make sure these talented canine individuals retain their eyesight and do not suffer from vision problems, the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) has partnered with Merial Pharmaceuticals to offer free eye examinations for all certified service dogs during the month of May.

Dr. Bill Miller talks about the National Service Dog Eye Exam Event in the podcast below. During the course of the interview, Dr. Miller explains the purpose of the eye exam event and details what each eye examination entails. He even shares the story of one service dog that was diagnosed and treated for a serious eye issue during the course of the event last year and was able to continue providing his services for an entire year after the diagnosis.



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