Flush Puppies – Scoop the Poop, Save the Environment

This past week was National Scoop the Poop week – yes, it was very exciting;) Some people believe dog poop isflush puppies fertilizer – that would be wrong. It is a pollutant, featuring tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, to name a few, the eggs of which can live in the ground and continue to infect other dogs and people. We were reminded by the EPA of damage done to the waterways when you don’t pick up after your dog. Carol Bryant of FidoseOfReality came by and we talked about the benefits of Flush Puppies, a flushable 100% biodegradable bag. This is the best choice for the environment: No¬† e coli or disease concerns, no ending up in local bodies of water.

I’ve used Flush Puppies and there’s no problem flushing them when you’re connected to a city sewage system. Septic systems vary, however, and those that advise you not to flush wet wipes would be the type you would not want to use with Flush Puppies. Here’s the video – see what you think. Would give them a try?