Dog Play at Home or On The Road!

I confess I love playing games with my dog, and they are usually confined to the house. Don’t feel sorry for Tashi – he doesn’t appreciate the hubbub of the dog park or rough dog play and has a great time teasing and sometimes out-gaming me!

Today was the first day I noticed my dog was getting a little stir crazy…he came over to the computer with his toy and then barked at me. He doesn’t bark unless I ask him to, for which I take no training props whatsoever – he came that way, so I was startled. All I had to do was get up and off he went…he must have zoomed back and forth from dining room down the hall to the living room 10 times with his squeaky toy in tow. He was bouncing and leaping like a puppy, growling a little. We played a little tug-o-war and keep away¬† and after a drink of water, he looked out the window for a bit and is now napping on his footstool.

Carol Bryant of Fidose of Reality popped in, virtually speaking, and we talked about what she does when winter doldrums hit home or bad weather keeps everyone housebound.  If you have a game your dog loves to play indoors, please share!


  1. […] Dog play can mean games, like those played as children, or it can be toys. It's great to to work off winter blahs with mental stimulation and some dog fun!  […]