Dog Food So Good People Eat It!

Believe it or not, some dog food is taste-tested by real people! If you ask Chef Craig Zeleznik, he’ll tell you something like this: It’s the job of every chef to taste the fooddog food diets he is sending out to his diners. It doesn’t matter that his diners are dogs.  Taste, texture, and presentation (well, the presentation is really for just for us) is important to the finished product at Zeleznik’s Chef K9’s Doggy Bistro and Bakery.  Although it’s the ingredients that take center stage.

Breed specific dog food diets read much like a menu in a good restaurant “Slow-Roasted Ground Pork, Farm Raised…Chicken / Turkey * with Pearl Barley, Roasted Russet Potatoes. Sautéed Cabbage, Steamed Yellow Squash, Broccoli…or Grilled, ground New Zealand Leg Of Lamb… Oven Baked, Ground Chicken…Nebraska Angus Beef served over Steamed White Rice.” It’s hard not to be impressed – and suddenly hungry.

Fresh dog food at my house is prepared in my kitchen.  But it wasn’t until I saw the photos of Chef K9’s doggy dinners that I firstdog food experienced some presentation skills envy!  Chef Zeleznik had been cooking for humans for ten years when he thought it would be a great idea to take his talents as a well-reputed chef and wrap them around his love for dogs.  He had already been helping formulate dog food for friends, family, and others with their fussy, sick or allergic dogs.  It’s been a happy marriage these past 7 years.

Healthy dog food  from Chef K9’s are filled with fresh, whole foods, prepared according to National Research Council guidelines and formulated by a canine nutritionist according to breed, age, gender, and health needs. Vacuum-packed for freshness, there are no preservatives, chemicals, by-products, meat meals, salts or artificial colorings. Just food, and the herbs, minerals and supplements needed to help balance the meals.

Dog food allergies manifesting as itchy skin or hot spots, ear infections, and digestive troubles with inconsistent stools (well, you had todog food diets know we would go there!), gas, and disinterest in food can often be fixed by simply changing to a fresh whole food diet. If your dog has flaking skin, a dull coat, a lack of energy, and chronic allergies, you might want to take a look at a change in diet.  There are custom dog food diets made to suit particular conditions and chronic illnesses, and you can consult with the chef via phone or the form available at Chef K9’s website.

All ingredients in these breed specific dog food diets are sourced in the US, many from local farms, with the exception of New Zealand and Australian leg of lamb.  Well, isn’t that the best?  And you’ll really have to go to the website to check out the pasteries and bakery goods, like the carob cream or peanut butter wafers, doggie cannolis, and three layer cake! It’s dog food heaven!






Mary Haight
Mary Haight

Hi Lindsay, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. There are many geat businesses out there working to give dogs the excellent experience of life they deserve and it's really fun to present them here. Different ideas may or may not suit everyone, but it is still good to know - one day, just knowing might help a friend.

Our friends at GoPetFriendly (Edie Jarolim interviewed) travel with their two dogs everywhere in an RV. They feed their dogs raw also, hydrating bagged dry food from The Honest Kitchen. Stella and Chewy's is a great product and a light-weight space-saver, too. Keeping to the budget is more important than ever and we can all give our dogs the best ingredients we can afford, and keep learning:) Hope you enjoy Animal Cafe - coffee's really good here! Oh, and Pet Airways is being interviewed - the podcast will be up tomorrow, Monday, just in case your travel includes winging it!


Chef Zeleznik is really onto something! What a great idea!

Most dogs still eat a kibble diet, but I think this will be changing in the next decade. I fed my dog commercial raw dog food for the last three months as a trial, and I would like to continue feeding him this way. He's on a high-quality dry food for the moment while we are going to be doing some traveling.

Either way, it's all about reading the ingredients but also finding a food that works within your budget.


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