Dog Breeding: Responsible Breeding Practices

Dog Breeding: Responsible Breeding Practices

While I am a big fan of animal rescue, I also recognize that there will always be a place in the world for purebred dogs. Hence the need for dog breeders. There are so many wonderful breeds of dogs (and cats) that exist today. It would be a tragedy to lose them.

Purebred Dogs and Their Breeders

The trick to purchasing a purebred dog lies in finding a responsible and ethical breeder. There are breeders out there that do the whole thing right. But there are just as many (and maybe even more) that do not. The sticky part comes in determining which is which.

Quite naturally, if you ask any breeder, that breeder will tell you they are a “good” breeder. After all, it’s not likely that they’re going to tell you they are irresponsible or unethical.

So, how do you tell whether a dog breeder is responsible and ethical? By educating yourself.

And what will be the price you pay if you misjudge?

Responsibility and Ethics in Dog Breeding

The price you will pay if you make a wrong decision lies in the health of the puppy you are purchasing. Puppies with genetically-disposed diseases may live a shorter life with more suffering than a well-bred genetically sound puppy.

This week, breeder Jacque Redford rejoins us on Animal Cafe to talk further about breeding. I’ll give you a small hint of what’s in store – Jacque shares the basic philosophy that it’s not about breeding to make lots of puppies but about breeding to make a few good ones.

That’s all I’ll share with you. You’ll have to listen to the interview to hear more.

Just in case you’d like to review Jacque’s first interview, here it is.

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