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Pet Talk: Small Business Minutes, Oliver’s Pet Care

After my chat with Spring Naturals, I thought it would be useful to take a look atpet talk what’s happening not only with pet foods, but with pet businesses, maybe start a pet talk about what you look for in pet food and pet products. Social media has made it easier to know a little more about the person or people behind a company you are buying from, but there are so many out there! How do you choose? I was approached for advertising on Dancing Dog Blog and that is where I first learned of Oliver’s Pet Care. Continue reading

Dog Chew That Lasts

A good dog chew is hard to find, ask anyone with a dog that needs to chew out excess energy todog chew prevent havoc from wrecking the house. Sometimes you need to go the extra mile to find one that works for your dog, or in this case, 7600 miles to Nepal to get a dog chew that even has a little history to it (you can hear about that in the video).

Himalayan dog chews are chemical free and are simply made of Yak and cow milk, salt and bit of lime. Don’t worry, it won’t upset your dog’s digestion and it doesn’t smell. There are no preservatives added and yet laboratory results show it will last 4 years from the day you open the package. The Himalayan dog chew provides your dog with a healthy place to exercise his teeth and gums, focus his energies, and you get a little quiet time.

Carol Bryant from Fidose of Reality stopped by and we had a chat about this product – check out the video for different sizes available and other products made by Himalayan Dog Chew.

The Facts About Pet Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions Answered


Pet Health Insurance: Is It Right for You?

Is pet health insurance right for you?

Advances in veterinary care  have given us the opportunity to keep our pet’s healthier and living longer than ever before. However, these advances don’t come cheap. They come at a cost; a very real cost that can adversely affect a pet owner’s wallet. That’s where pet insurance enters the picture.

Pet Health Insurance Versus Human Health Insurance

Most of us understand the value of health insurance for ourselves and our families. After all, even a short hospital stay for a minor medical procedure can run into the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. It makes sense, then, that purchasing health insurance for our pets might be a wise decision as well. And it might very well be.

Still, there are very real differences between human health insurance and pet health insurance. Understanding these differences is important in making an intelligent decision about insuring your pet.

Pet Health Insurance: What Company? What Policy?

Currently, there are several companies that offer pet health insurance. On top of that, there are many different types of policies available. There is an insurance option available to fit the needs of almost any pet owner but it is important for pet owners to understand exactly what they are purchasing, what the policy covers and what it doesn’t.

Common Pet Health Insurance Questions Answered

We’re fortunate in this episode of Animal Cafe to have Laura Bennett joining us. Laura is the CEO and co-founder of Embrace Pet Insurance. In this interview with Animal Cafe’s Dr. Lorie Huston, Laura shares some of her insights about pet health insurance. She talks about her experience being the first pet insurance actuary in the US and discusses the ins and outs of purchasing and taking advantage of pet health insurance.

Pets Get Organized! Yep Yup’s Hanging Organizer

hanging pet organizerYep Yup’s hanging organizer is a smart, stylish solution to getting all your pet care items stored in one easy-to-find place. This very good looking, well-constructed product is designed by Gerardo and Sepi Herrara who use their travel experiences as inspiration. Yep Yup is  a company known for using eco-friendly materials and processes that go easy on the planet.

I remember an email interview I had with the Herrara’s a couple of years ago, just before these designs were debuted – Gerardo explained only water-based inks were used and each item is printed under strict EPA standards in LA. In this podcast review Carol Bryant of Fidose of Reality talks about spot washing any stains or dirt. This is the best method to keep the color looking bright and fresh. As with any 100% cotton canvas dye with water-based ink, it will fade over time even when washed in cool water – like your t-shirts! I haven’t had to spot wash my Sasha & Tasha purple organizer, so it looks brand new after two years.

The Yep Yup hanging organizer measures 10.5″ x 49″, with two metal grommets to facilitate hanging it from the inside of a closet or pantry door (hangers not included). Check out all the great colors available and hear what Carol has to say about her experience with the product.



Doodie Pack – Lightweight BackPack for Dogs

Doodie Pack wants you to unhand that doodie bag! How many times have you been walking your dog, you run into adoodie pack neighbor or someone you know and there’s that awkward moment. You’ve got the leash in one hand and the bag in the other – well, not everyone wants to shake that hand or high five you now anyway.

Doodie Pack was created by Kristin Elliot to carry poop bags after she witnessed a mom’s juggling act,  hanging onto the dog’s leash, holding the baby in the other arm, with the waste bag in the hand holding the baby. That was the spark that started it all.

This lightweight backpack is a little made in the USA gem, with a compact saddlebag design that fits dogs from 8 to 180 lbs. Available in many colors, the nylon pack has a separate mesh compartment that holds your cell, has a clip for your keys and room for a few treats for those long walks.

Take a look at the video interview I had with Carol Bryant, Writer, PR and Social Media Consultant to the Pet Industry. You’ll get a great idea of how this fits dogs of many sizes, see the colors available, and also where using a harness works comfortably with the Doodie Pack. Many rescues and adoption centers have their names and “Adopt” monogrammed on each pack – great for fundraisers and, shh, up-selling at point of adoption;)  The company gives back 5% to rescues – what’s not to like?

Flush Puppies – Scoop the Poop, Save the Environment

This past week was National Scoop the Poop week – yes, it was very exciting;) Some people believe dog poop isflush puppies fertilizer – that would be wrong. It is a pollutant, featuring tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, to name a few, the eggs of which can live in the ground and continue to infect other dogs and people. We were reminded by the EPA of damage done to the waterways when you don’t pick up after your dog. Carol Bryant of FidoseOfReality came by and we talked about the benefits of Flush Puppies, a flushable 100% biodegradable bag. This is the best choice for the environment: No  e coli or disease concerns, no ending up in local bodies of water.

I’ve used Flush Puppies and there’s no problem flushing them when you’re connected to a city sewage system. Septic systems vary, however, and those that advise you not to flush wet wipes would be the type you would not want to use with Flush Puppies. Here’s the video – see what you think. Would give them a try?