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Dog Toys Suprise Helping Udders!

Dog toys are usually pretty straightforward, and at first glance this tug toy from Helping Udders looks different – and it is. This companydog toys has put together a line of toys made from recycling the rubber used at dairy farms, so it’s eco-friendly, made in the US, and from 10 to 50% of your purchase is donated to a rescue of your choice.

Carol Bryant of Fidose of Reality stopped by to give us a closer look at this product – of course we *had* to make a couple of jokes. But seriously, tug toys require people on one side of the play equation, so you get to spend some quality playtime bonding with your dog, while giving to rescue and supporting recycling and jobs in the US too!


Pet Recovery Collars Replace “Cone of Shame” – Dogs Rejoice!

Pet recovery collars by BooBooLoon are a new inflatable collar that replaces the old lampshade design that had dogs looking as if Pet recovery collarsthey must have done something wrong. In truth, it must have felt that way given the lack of peripheral vision and the blows absorbed from bumping into furniture and walls… not to mention bumping into humans in the house (ouch)!

Carol Bryant, Fidose of Reality popped in with this and as you can see, your pets can eat, drink and sleep in this soft collar. Listen in to this short podcast on how the BooBooLoon works, how it’s sized and fitted, and what it costs.

Dogs Going Nowhere Fast – Keeping Pace On A Dog Treadmill!

What’s a dog to do? Much like their human counterparts, more dogs are gaining more weight. Now that winter’s here, less and shorter walks are often the human response to bad weather, and dog weight gain is inevitable. No moaning, grumping or dog whines will get humans to change their minds. Even dropping the leash at their feet isn’t greeted with the admiring enthusiasm offered on a Spring, Summer or Fall day. But there’s a pet product company that has an answer in their Pacer dog treadmill.

Carol Bryant of Fidose of Reality stopped by with this really big gift idea for Christmas! Move your treadmill over, make some room for The Pacer, a full service treadmill for dogs, that gives you the miles walked, calories expended and might even help people see what is Continue reading

Pet JetSetter Travels with Dogs

If you’re dashing around town with your dog, off to the airport, visiting grandma’s house, or on your way to a doggy play date you know how handy it is to have nice roomy, easy to clean bag for all your best friend’s needs. The Pet JetSetter bag can handle water, portable dog bowls, snacks, maybe dinner, a coat, wipes, a couple of favorite toys, a comb or brush, a hand towel, and the ever present poop jetsetter bag Continue reading

Hoodies for Dogs! What’s Your Dog’s Winter-Wear?

Hoodies for dogs are a pupular option (yes, I said that), because they are easy to use and convenient in early Spring, Fall and even in Winter depending on your dog and where you live. Carol Bryant stopped by to talk about Pooch Park Wear and their budget-wise but quality hoodies, and dog t-shirts.

Organizations can order hoodies or dog t-shirts with their name or message to the public printed and ready for their event goodie bags. There are discounts for quantity, so if you have a doggie play group or training class you can check the website for details.

And here’s a question for you: Do you dress your dog or maybe use a coat if it’s really cold?

American Made Awards – Where Handmade Inspires

american made awardsFollow your passion, that’s the common theme found in successful businesses I’ve interviewed and Martha Stewart’s American Made Awards showcases talented, innovative, creative entrepreneurs who have that passion. I was happy to snag a few minutes with one of the awards finalists, Michelle O’Hollaren of Sophisticated Pup.

Sophisticated Pup began when Michelle couldn’t find the kind or quality of items she was looking for her Pug Penny. With her Arts training, she whipped out the sewing machine and began the journey that took her to inclusion in celebrity swag bags and now the American Made Awards. Sophisticated Pup apparel is now available in several EU countries, yet the company is community-minded supporting many local rescue fundraisers with their products.

You will find a selection of handmade pet products from Sophisticated Pup when you click through to American Made Awards. It’s a family business, too – her dad crafts the handmade pet beds she features.

The American Made Awards is an audience choice award. No one wins unless the audience votes, so go to Sophisticated Pup, click on the awards banner (you can’t miss it, it fills the front page), fill in your email address and vote! Easy! You can vote every day from each email address you have if you believe in beautifully crafted and designed American made goods =) The winner gets an article in the Martha Stewart magazine and $10,000. Enjoy the podcast and please Vote!