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Tick Prevention – And a Map!

Tick prevention is really important, for both you and your dog. Did you know that one tick is a carrier for five zoonotic diseases, one of which wastick prevention only recently documented in humans? Not every bite infects your dog, so we’re dealing with a game of chance. Don’t take one! You might be interested to know the extent of illnesses you can get from ticks according to the CDC — mentioned it so you won’t forget =) Continue reading

Pet Health Care and Prevention

Pet health care begins with prevention, doing what’s needed to stay healthy, whether you vaccinate, test for heartworm or check for parasites and pet health caregeneral condition. Just as our yearly (or more) visits to our doctors help us realize we can control a few things in our environment or our habits to better mitigate disease, it is no different for our pets. Yearly check-ups is a running theme this year because the year-over-year trend in vet visits shows that vets are not seeing all their clients on a regular basis. This is a problem for pets — they can’t tell us when they hurt. I had this issue at the back of my mind when I ran across something I curated for my Dog Care Guide that could turn this trend around. Continue reading

Pet Poisons – Most Accidents Happen in the Home!

Pet poisons are a subject we all want to know more about, pet poisonsso when Steve Dale got together with Dr Justine Lee from the Pet Poison Helpline in this video, I knew it would help readers make good choices for their pets. True to form, Steve offered more than expected, with a surprising cooking tip and important message for those who keep birds, and also a note about the controversy over avocados! Continue reading

Fleas and Ticks and Mosquitoes, Oh My!

Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes all see our dogs as one fantastic picnic basket filled with all their favorites, even as a great furry place to lay eggs afterfleas ticks mosquitoes dessert. Prevention is key to keeping your dog healthy. I don’t think we can hear enough reminders on how to protect our pets, especially given all the, um, issues with recalls.

Tell me, are you thinking to yourself that you’ll need to put preventives on your list for the next time you go to your favorite pet supply store? Do you Continue reading

AAHA Vet Clinics, Wellness Exams, Have Your Pets Seen the Vet?

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited vet clinics were introduced here in January for the excellence in vet care provided. SteveAAHA vet clinics Dale, broadcaster, Certified Animal Behaviorist, award-winning author, and syndicated columnist for Tribune media has visited many of these great facilities over the past year, giving us an inside look at the kind of new technology AAHA vet clinics must have, public health standards, and what it means to practice the highest quality of medicine across all clinic departments.

Wellness exams are important to the future of your pet’s health. Catching something early usually leads to less expensive and better outcomes, just as in human medicine. Another interesting feature of AAHA vet clinics, there is an opportunity in emergency situations for the vet to apply for a grant when the client cannot pay. It is not a sure thing, but is good to know. Continue reading

Heartworm Prevention Being Served at a Veterinarian Near You

Heartworm prevention time is quickly approaching, don’t let the cold temperatures lull you into a false sense of safety! I know some people heartworm preventionkeep dogs on heartworm prevention meds year-round — and many veterinarians recommend this.  Because climate change is warming winter, and mosquitoes season starts earlier and stays later each year, timing is getting too difficult to predict. A week or more of warm weather in the middle of winter can create the right conditions for a few to hatch. It only takes one to bite.

If you’d like to take a look at a graphic that shows the life cycle of heartworm, check the American Heartworm Society page for more in-depth information. Continue reading