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Pet Rescue Stories, “Love At First Bark”

Adoption and the pet rescue stories that become a history are so appealing — adopting in itself is such an excitingpet rescue stories event, thinking about different traits and characteristics, looking through photos on the web, getting to know who might fit with your life, or maybe you already know. When you find who “speaks” to you, everything changes and you bring home the new love in your life.

That search and find mission turns into a story often told to friends, other pet owners you meet at parties or even out on the street. Ask me, I’ve told my pet rescue tales at the check-out line of the grocery store! I never tire of hearing someone’s voice Continue reading

Rescue Shelter Pets from Animal Testing!

Who would ever think that it would be necessary to rescue shelter pets from ending up in animal testing laboratories? Your localrescue shelter pets shelter, the one where you may have adopted a dog or brought in a lost dog you saved from the streets, could be selling pets to research labs and medical facilities for testing and experimentation. Certain States have in the past required that pets not adopted be sent to labs (Iowa*, Minnesota, Ohio*, Oklahoma, Utah). Oklahoma still does.

You might be thinking, this is ridiculous, how could such a practice be legal. It’s not something you see advertised anywhere as part of a shelter’s function. Yet it is legal — in more than 30 States. How long has this been going on? How can we end it?

*If requested by research facility Continue reading

Dog Play at Home or On The Road!

I confess I love playing games with my dog, and they are usually confined to the house. Don’t feel sorry for Tashi – he doesn’t appreciate the hubbub of the dog park or rough dog play and has a great time teasing and sometimes out-gaming me!

Today was the first day I noticed my dog was getting a little stir crazy…he came over to the computer with his toy and then barked at me. He doesn’t bark unless I ask him to, for which I take no training props whatsoever – he came that way, so I was startled. All I had to do was get up and off he went…he must have zoomed back and forth from dining room down the hall to the living room 10 times Continue reading

Pet Custody, When Families Don’t Stay Together

Pet custody is a relatively new field in law, law in all 50 States which sees pets as just another asset to be divided. We know that couples can fight about the smallest of things, and who gets to keep Charlie can become a major battleground. Since case law in this area is thin, many judges have used child custody laws as a guide, yet are still constrained by property laws.

Pets place in our lives has change significantly since one of the first cases of pet custody in 1944: Continue reading

Are All Dogs “Good Dog” Candidates?

They are if they have “Good Dog! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions” author and certified animal behaviorist Steve Dale in their corner! What questions wouldGood Dog you ask Steve if you had a chance? Does your dog jump on everyone who comes to the door? Does he terrorize your boyfriend or destroy something every time you leave the house? Steve’s new e-book, “Good Dog”, is a treasure trove of answers to these and so many other questions. You may find your dog’s puzzling behavior is not, after all, uncommon, and can be readily adjusted. Admittedly, Steve can’t do much for a terrorized boyfriend, but he can help the dog.

Steve’s books are always an easy read and one of his important messages is focus on the positive, hence “Good Dog.” Your best friend probably shouldn’t think his name is “no.” The behaviors your dog has developed really have nothing to do with wanting to upset Continue reading

Wildlife Safari – Experience Gorillas in Misty Mountains

Wildlife safari experiences are trips of a lifetime – they change you – just ask Steve Dale who went all the way to Rwanda to meet his cousins, gorillas!wildlife safari

Steve recently got back from his fascinating trip to Africa with Terra Incognita Ecotours. He explored the Virunga mountains of Rwanda. Gorillas are the largest living primate and the mountain gorilla is a sub-species discovered in 1902. They live surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery – it could almost make you forget how critically endangered they are.

Steve actually came face-to-face with the gentle giants and caught it on tape. Continue reading