Cat Diabetes Epidemic! Early Diagnosis Saves Lives

Did you know that there’s a cat diabetes epidemic in the US? Dr. Ruth McPete, the Pet Vet, explains in this video with Steve Dalecat diabetes epidenic what diabetes means for cats and preventive measures to practice. Obesity of course is a major cause of this disease in both cats and humans and with the reported decline in pet visits to the vet, the condition goes undiagnosed. Dr. Ruth states we want to avoid complications from diabetes so early diagnosis is key.

Cat diabetes is easily managed, however there is no cure. The outcome of this disease if left untreated is a deterioration in the quality of life and an early death. Check out the risk factors, treatment and FAQ at Dr Ruth’s My Cat Has Diabetes site.

I did not know there was a cat diabetes epidemic, did you? Enjoy the video!


I've been reading so much about this condition in cats :(  So happy my girls go to regular vet vists!