Canine Heart Health, There’s An App for That!

March marks Canine Heart Health Month, a great awareness campaign complete with tools that will help you detectcanine heart health possible heart disease in your dog.  And there’s an app for that!

The Resting Respiratory Rate (RRR) app measures your dog’s respiration rate over time and uploads the information directly to your vet. If your dog has a heart problem, this test will detect it early. You will need to work with your vet before setting up the app.

The Mobile Dog Heart Health Tour started March 1 in Kansas, MO. and will visit other cities throughout the month. On board is one of those rare specialists, a veterinary cardiologist, who will provide free dog heart exams. This is a great opportunity, so check the schedule — is your city, or one near you, on it?

On March 14 there will be a media blitz, with veterinary cardiologist Dr. Teresa DeFrancesco, associate professor in the Department of Cardiology and Critical Care at North Carolina State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, in interviews at television stations nationwide. Among topics of discussion will be the different types of heart disease, common symptoms, and how to keep dogs healthy.

Canine Heart Health Month is being sponsored by Your Dogs Heart.

Just as with people, early detection of canine heart disease can help your dog live a long, happy life. Watch Steve Dale and Dr. Sonya Gordon, a veterinary cardiologist and professor at Texas A&M talk about symptoms of heart failure in dogs (and cats), recommended tests and medications that works to improve quality of life.



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