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Reviewed By: Dr. Lorie Huston

Frontline Plus for dogs and cats is a monthly topical product used to control fleas and ticks. When used as directed, it is effective in preventing and controlling flea infestations and killing ticks which may attach to your dog or cat.

Frontline Plus Product Description

According to the maker’s of Frontline Plus (Merial), Frontline Plus kills 100% of the fleas on your pet within 12 hours of application. It will continue to kill fleas and ticks for an entire month, can be used on puppies and kittens as young as 8 weeks of age, is safe for animals that are breeding, pregnant or nursing puppies or kittens, and is waterproof and will remain effective “even after swimming, bathing and grooming.”

Frontline Plus for Dogs and Cats – Product Evaluation

In my experience, Frontline Plus is safe and effective if used according to the label directions.


Always choose the Frontline Plus product that is matched to your pet.


  • If your dog weighs 25 pounds, then choose the product for dogs of that weight range (Frontline Plus for Dogs 23-44 pounds in this case.) Never try to buy a “larger size” and split the tube.
  • Never use Frontline Plus for Dogs on your cat. Use only Frontline Plus for Cats on your feline friends.


Many pet owners are concerned about the potential for side effects when using Frontline Plus. In my experience, side effects are rare and usually mild when they do occur. I’ve very rarely seen serious adverse reactions occur with use of Frontline Plus. In comparison with the risk of disease that comes with flea and tick infestation, in most cases, the benefits of Frontline Plus far outweigh any risks involved with its use.


Frontline Plus works best if used as a preventative for fleas. This means applying the product before your dog or cat is exposed to fleas. If your pet is already infested with fleas, Frontline Plus will still work but it will take longer and will require more than one monthly application to rid your home of the fleas. It will kill the fleas as they seek out and infest your pet. But if fleas are present in your pet’s home environment, it will take time to rid your home of the flea larva.


Despite claims to the contrary, Frontline Plus may not last a full month for pets that swim or are bathed frequently. Consult your veterinarian about applying Frontline Plus more frequently in these cases.


There has been some concern about resistance in fleas to Frontline Plus. That has not been my experience in my practice but it may a problem in specific geographic locations. Consult your veterinarian to find out whether Frontline Plus is an appropriate choice for flea and tick control for your pet. Your veterinarian will know whether resistance is a potential problem in your area.

Who Can Benefit from Using Frontline Plus?

Most dog and cat owners that wish to control fleas and ticks for their pets will benefit from Frontline Plus. It is simple and easy to use as well as being safe and effective in most instances


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