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Reviewed By: Dr. Lorie Huston

Feliway for cats has many functions, including eliminating urine marking (peeing outside of the litter box), scratching, inter-cat fighting in a multi-cat household, and other undesirable feline behaviors.

Feliway for Cats Product Description

Feliway is based on a naturally occurring pheromone that helps your cat deal with stress. The feline facial pheromone is used by your cat to mark his territory and assure him that his territory is safe and secure. This pheromone is not visible to you and you won’t be able to smell it. However, your cat will know it is there. Feliway can be used to:

  • reduce or eliminate urine marking
  • reduce or eliminate vertical scratching (i.e. scratching the side of furniture, etc.)
  • reduce stress (and fighting) in a multi-cat household
  • reduce stress for your during or after a household change (new baby, new family member, redecorating your home, new pets in the household, etc.)
  • help your cat adjust to a new home
  • make travel or boarding easier for your cat

Feliway is available as a diffuser that is plugged into any electrical wall outlet or as a spray.

Feliway for Cats – Product Evaluation

Feliway for cats is a product that I have found invaluable in managing my feline household. I have been using the product in my house, which I share with 6 cats for some time. I use primarily the diffuser unless I am transporting my cats for some reason.


The diffuser generally lasts about a month. At first, I marked my calender to remind me to change the diffuser. Then, I noticed that I could actually tell from my cats’ behaviors when the diffuser needed to be changed. When the diffuser is nearing the end of its life, at least two of my cats begin to get more territorial with each other, fighting and acting out toward one another. Once the diffuser is replaced, their behavior returns to normal.


Feliway is best used in addition to feline modification techniques which allow each cat a separate hiding place, a separate resting place, an individual feeding and water station and an individual litter box.


While I use the diffuser in the house, I do use the Feliway spray inside of the carrier if I have to transport my cats outside of my home. I also use it in my veterinary office to calm stressed cats by spraying it on gloves and towels used to handle frightened cats, in the cat’s carrier and in the exam room.

Who Can Benefit from Using Feliway for Cats?

Anyone who needs to reduce stress for their cats will benefit from the use of Feliway. Feliway is worth trying for any cat that is spraying (urine marking), scratching at the furniture, fighting with his housemates or exhibiting other undesirable behaviors.


Featured Feliway 48 Milliliter Plug In Refills:

Feliway 48-Milliliter Plug-In Refills, 6 Refills

Feliway reduces or completely stops stress-related behavior including urine marking, vertical scratching, loss of appetite and the reduced desire to play or interact.

  • Simulates your cat?s natural pheromones to help your pet cope with stress
  • Just plug into any wall socket
  • Completely safe and made to comply with British safety standards
  • Do not plug in beneath furniture
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks

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Price: $ 61.15

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